Honda S90

8 Sep

Honda S90

A brief introduction to the Honda S90

The Honda S90 was produced in Japan from 1964 to 1969. The ‘S’ stood for super as this was the fastest, sportiest model in a range of 90cc Honda’s produced at the time.

The Honda S90 Super 90 was built between the years of 1964 and 1969. Honda made this bike for the rider who was ready to take the next step up from a smaller Honda Z50 or CT70. Even though the bike had better performace than earlier models the Honda S90 kept the small and lite feel of the slower bikes. These characteristic made the Honda Super 90 a popular second motorcycle in the middle to late sixties. The single-cylinder overhead-cam, 90cc four-stroke allowed for a decent 60 mile an hour top speed.

The other 90cc bikes in Honda’s line up included, the CT90, CL90, CD90 and of course the C90. All the bikes shared the same 90cc engine and similar transmission systems.

S 90

The S90 was the sports model of the range. It had the 90cc OHC single cylinder engine fitted to a 4 speed manual clutch transmission.

The frame was pressed steel rather than tubular steel to minimise weight and the bike was fitted with telescopic front forks for improved road holding.

The bike was rated at 8hp and was claimed to cruise at 60mph on its 18″ rims.

Manufactured 1964 – 1969.

CL 90

The CL90 was closely related to the S90, but it was designed to travel on unpathed roads. It had a higher exhaust line, and was supplied with 17″ wheels and trail tyres.

It was otherwise much the same as the S90 with the same frame, forks and transmission.

Manufactured 1967 – 1970

CT 90

The CT90 was a true utilitarian vehicle. Its frame was low with the petrol tank under the seat, much like the C90. However it was fitted with trail tyres and telescopic forks. Other features included an additional petrol tank at the rear and a rack, which had an optional cushion for carrying passengers.

For off-roading it was equip with a transfer gear to give 3 low ratios in addition to the 3 road speeds. The bike took the centrifugal clutch from the C90 and so the left hand was free to have a brake lever to operate the rear brake (in addition to a pedal on the right).

Manufactured 1966 – 1979

CD 90

The CD90 was the replacement for the Honda C200 which had the older OHV engine.

It featured a similar, but slightly heavier fame to the S90 and was fitted with leading link suspension from the C200, C90. It also featured more classical styling than the sports and trail machines.

Manufactured 1965 – 1971

C 90

The C90 with its associated 50cc, 70cc brothers is the largest selling motor vehicle of all time.

It featured a frame similar to the CT90 using a pressed steel main section but with a tubular link to the steering head. It used the 90cc engine coupled to a speed auto-clutch transmission.

Manufactured 1966 – 0n.


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