11 Dec



  • Apologize                                            Sorry
  • Approach                                            Method or style of doing something
  • Attitude                                               Outlook on life
  • By invitation only                           Only those who are asked to come will be allowed in
  • Commence                                         Start
  • Complimentary                                Free
  • Concerns                                             Problems, issues
  • Confidential                                       Private
  • Conscientious                                   Cares about quality of work
  • contribution                                      Individual effort of support
  • Convenient                                        Suitable, favorable, make life easy
  • Cooperation                                      The act of working together
  • Coordinator                                       Person who organizes something
  • Dedication                                          A lot of effort put into something
  • Dependable                                        Can be trusted
  • Disregard                                            Ignore, pay no attention
  • Do not hesitate                                 Don’t wait
  • Dropped                                              Fell to a lower amount
  • Effective                                              Produces a positive response
  • Efficient                                               Performs well
  • Enclosed                                              Included inside
  • Encouraged                                        Persuaded or inspired
  • Enquire (brE), Inquire(AmE)      Looking for information
  • Extravaganza                                     Exciting and rare event
  • Formal                                                  Following set requirements
  • Grateful                                                Thankfull
  • Guarantee                                           Promise
  • Impact                                                  Effect
  • Indicates                                              Shows
  • Invoice                                                 Document detailing purchases and money owed
  • Latest                                                    Most modern
  • Lay-off                                                  Take a job away from an employee (when employee is not at fault)
  • Notice                                                   Document that indicates a change or event
  • Outstanding balance                      Money still owed
  • Pleasure                                              Enjoyment
  • Postpone                                            Delay until later
  • Preferred customer                       Guest who come back often
  • Present                                                Award something to someone
  • Professional                                      Exhibit suitable behavior on the job
  • Profound                                            Deep
  • Punctual                                             Always on time
  • Reach me                                            Find and talk me
  • Records                                               Files that keep track of business matters
  • Regarding                                           Feed bad
  • Regret                                                  Being about
  • Reliable                                               Dependable
  • Replacement                                     Someone who fill the position for another
  • Representative                                A person who act an behalf another person, company. Policy
  • Resignation                                       The act of leaving the job position
  • Respected                                         Considered good / honest
  • Retirement                                       A permanent leave from the workplace usually due to aging
  • Senior staff                                       Employee who r have been working at the same place for a long time
  • Severance                                         Money paid to make up a separation
  • Sharp                                                  Exactly (in reference to time)
  • Skyrocketed                                    Went up higher very quickly
  • Stock                                                  Share in ownership
  • Struggle                                            Work at with difficulty
  • Sufficient                                          Enough
  • Support                                             Financial help
  • T.B.A                                                  To Be Announced
  • Welcome                                          (happily) permitted to do something


  1. Jimmy December 12, 2012 at 02:53 #

    What’s up colleagues, its wonderful article concerning cultureand entirely defined, keep it up all the time.


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